Monday, July 27, 2009

Swim Time is not too bad

Went in the pool at lunch today. Did 800 m in 20 minutes. A few hard laps, a fair bit of resting. Methinks with some stroke/breathing improvements, I could definitely shave 2-3 minutes off that time, maybe get close to the 2 minute mark for 100 m. I think I forgot a lot of stuff the coaches on swim team taught us (or maybe they didn't?). Like, I get all out of sync with my breathing, on crawl and breaststroke and it kills me by the end of a few laps. And how to properly do a flip turn, I'm either too close (ouch!) or too far and only my toes touch the wall - fat lot of good that does!! Definitely need to sign up for a tri club, I think - have to talk to DH when he is back about joining the club at Mt.Royal in the spring. Maybe get some personal training between now and then. But in the meantime, find a doc to get this thyroid in order and maybe address the recent knee pain...
Gosh, I seem to be falling apart! Like I hit 40 and the warranty ran out :)

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