Saturday, September 26, 2009

Back at it - September is here!

Was a banner week, but man, am I SORE. I've been reno'ing the home office this week (think prybar, falling 2x4's, drywall patches, ripping up carpet, etc. Lots of manual labor, fun but hard work. Then, dance on Tuesday was brutal. Think she was trying to prove to us how hard we have to work to be in the Level III class - but I think we did ok (even with my cramped left hip flexor!). Then Thursday at Karate, Sensei tried (but failed) to kill us, first a run, then drills, then the actual karate stances!! Then Friday morning was my first actual 'Triathlon' event - a Tri-swim class. Good coach(es) and learned one crucial element that helped a *lot* - I was not keeping my head down in freestyle and was not breathing properly as a result. Had a couple of 'ah ha' moments when I actually felt like I was going fast through the water!

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