Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kickin' it!

At least on the exercise front - in the tri club, made the bike AND swim this week. Bike is getting SO much better - those threshold wattage workouts don't kill me as much. Of course the 30 pushups between speed sets just about did! I do need some cycle shorts/pants though, my butt is SO sore!

I killed my swim times on the 100 m and 50 m yesterday too! Base line 100 m was 2:20, improved to 2:05. Base line 50 m was 1:05, improved it to 0:55! Was an awesome swim! Now I gotta focus on the nutrition aspect - Need some plan that doesn't leave me starving on Friday afternoon at 4:00 and ready to eat anything (not healthy) in sight. Well, looking forward to a good run tomorrow and here's hoping sensei does not kill us too badly at karate tomorrow night - my pecs already ache!

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